Pond News: Southern Hawker

In May, I put a pond in my garden, the most anticipated event since before I moved house! I added native plants and waited for animals to find it of their own accord. Some water beetles were the first to arrive (first noticed two days after the water went in) followed by a lesser water boatman and pond snails. Surprisingly, I still haven’t seen any pond skaters which have been the first aquatic insect arrivals at previous ponds I’ve made.

If I had to pick a favourite dragonfly it would be the broad-bodied chaser. Fittingly, a female of this species was the first dragon I saw here. I’ve also had an Emperor dragonfly ovipositing and a male common darter. The most recent addition to the dragon’s den was a female southern hawker. She only stayed a few minutes but luckily I had a camera to hand. The light was going a bit but nonetheless I fired up my homemade 4K straightscope (more from that soon) and grabbed a quick few shots. This edit is a bit rough and ready and has a different vibe to the Marsh Fritillary one I posted recently! Lastly, I have to mention the damselflies. I’ve had a large red ovipositing and a particularly dainty-looking blue-tailed damselfly has accompanied some of my pond-side coffee breaks.