I began film-making to further explore and share the natural world. I like to work on shows that spread awareness of issues I care about as well as those that show off nature in gobsmacking, entertaining fashion and they needn’t be mutually exclusive. My favourite genres are natural history and science. I’m naturally patient and like things best when there’s time to craft sequences and get in depth with a subject. I've also proven I can deliver on much shorter, budget-driven timescales, making the most of limited resources.

 I'm technically-minded and happy to use all camera formats. I edit and have often been trusted to film and produce projects on my own.  I enjoy contributing hard to good inventive teams working toward a common goal.

Early in my career, especially working at Ammonite Ltd, I learned my way around specialist equipment including miniscopes, endoscopes, image intensifiers, infra-red and thermal cameras. I find joy in small things and one of my favourite shoots was filming earthworms.  Long lens filming is always a welcome activity and in hides I’m alert and on the edge of my seat. There’s nothing better than being close to an animal and observing it going about its business without disturbing it.  On fast-turnaround shows, I’ve further developed an instinctive fieldcraft for getting close to animals on the fly; this was boosted on a memorable 3 month stint in Kenya that included stalking animals on foot with some incredible field rangers and trackers. 

I’ve enjoyed working with many different presenters. It's always a privilege to meet scientists and other contributors who are experts in their field. I like staying up to date with science news and between filming I am doing an MSc by Research on electroreception in bumblebees at the University of Bristol.


Outside of work, my biggest escape is rock climbing with an occasional dose of cheese. I’m enjoying developing my small garden into a mini nature reserve. I’m passionate about encouraging wildlife in urban settings and have voluntarily made a series of films for Avon Wildlife Trust’s brilliant ’My Wild City’ campaign which seeks to engage and inspire local people to learn about and appreciate wildlife in their city spaces. Recently, I was honoured to be named an official ’champion’ of this campaign.