Wild Honduras - natural history and sync. Presenter, PD Nigel Marven (in production)

Wild Philippines - natural history and sync. Presenter, PD Nigel Marven 

Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Winterwatch - natural history & sync. Presenters Michaela Strachan, Martin Hughes-Games, Gillian Burke. Directors: Nikki Waldron, Hannah Hoare (BBC)

Britain’s Lost Waterlands - natural history & sync. Presenters Alice Roberts and Dick Strawbridge. Director: Phil Coles (Channel 4)

The One Show - natural history & sync. Presenters: Mike Dilger, George McGavin, Patrick Aryee, Christine Walkden, Ben Garrod. Directors: Laura Humphreys, David Denny, Jo Robinson, Ruth Davies  (BBC)

Wild Britain with Ray Mears - all 3 series. natural history and sync. Presenter Ray Mears. Directors: Phil Coles, Eddie Anderson, Tony Lee (ITV)

Deadly Pole to Pole - natural history and sync. Presenter Steve Backshall. Director: Rachael Kinley (BBC)

Wild Colombia - natural history and sync. Presenter, PD: Nigel Marven (Eden, Discovery)

Untamed China - natural history and sync. Presenter, PD: Nigel Marven (Animal Planet)

My family and other Turkeys - natural History and sync. Presenter, PD: Nigel Marven (Channel 5)

Whale Adventure - natural History and sync. Presenter, PD: Nigel Marven (Channel 5)

Ben’s Zoo - Observational documentary, the story later became the book and feature film "We Bought a Zoo" (BBC)

Game Ranger Diaries - filmed and produced. Observational  documentary (Channel 5)

World’s Deadliest Snakes with Nigel Marven (6 episodes. I’ve filmed 50+ species of venomous snakes plus many non-venomous ones) (Eden, Discovery)

Foxes Live  - Natural History (Channel 4)

Easter Eggs Live - live studio macro of eggs and newly hatched animals (Channel 4)


Charity and Corporate Films - I have filmed and produced various short films for charities and ethical companies.

Avon Wildlife Trust - my local wildlife charity and one close to my heart. Various films for their #mywildcity campaign

Helping rhinos - a charity doing much to raise funds for well-selected rhino conservation projects. I filmed the Black Mambas anti-poaching team in South Africa with presenter Anneka Svenska and producer Nigel Marven. 

Triodos Bank: Various short films about grass roots projects and ethical companies that Triodos invest in.  Filmed and produced for Five Films. 

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust - 30 minute educational video about wildlife of the Hebrides and the work of this excellent charity.